Vocational Training

  • There are seven different training courses available
  • When the player joins the centre a personal development programme is set up during an initial interview based on his abilities and aptitudes
  • A tutor is appointed to keep track of each player throughout the season
  • Special support classes are organised if necessary
  • Adjusted school hours
  • Partnership agreements with the relevant establishments
  • In the event the player does not sign a professional contract he is followed up when he leaves the Academy

Training and educational institutes

Lycée du Coudon

La Garde

Sixth form - science and technology

Hours adapted to fit in with evening training sessions


La Garde

Private institute

BTS MUC (Commerce & Management Diploma on a day-release basis)

Hours adapted to fit in with training sessions

Support classes

IT and class rooms are available if required

Université du Sud

La Garde & Toulon

STAPS, Droit, LEA, GEA  (Physical Education, Law, Administration & Finance)

Players enjoy a status equivalent to that of a high-level sportsman


La Garde & Toulon

BEES Rugby 1er degré (Diploma in Sport)

Adjustments in agreement with the Academy's Director of Rugby