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Toulon/Exeter in numbers

le 11/12/2013 à 17:52

Toulon/Exeter in numbers

On Saturday at 14:35, Toulon Rugby Club will receive Exeter for the H Cup's 4th fixture for the pool stages.

Let's look at the numbers for the match :

0. The number of defeats RCT has had against English clubs in the H Cup. Interestingly Exeter has never beaten a French Club in the H Cup.
1. The ranking of RCT in the pool. Toulon took sole possession of the number one slot in the group since their win against Exeter last Saturday.
3. Exeter's ranking in the pool since their defeat against Toulon.
5. The number of points difference between the two teams in the first leg last Saturday (14-9).
8. The number of home wins for RCT in the H Cup - in other words 100%.
49. The number of RCT missed tackles in the three H Cup fixtures this season. Exeter have missed 74.
80. The number of points scored by RCT in the H Cup this season making it the 4th best attacking side across all the pools behind Ulster, Leicester and Munster.

Thanks to English Institute Toulon. Website : http://www.english-institute.fr/
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