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Off he goes to stay!

le 18/11/2013 à 18:43

Off he goes to stay!

nce again, the twice weekly rugby "specialist", the Midi Olympique newspaper, is publishing unsubstantiated information.

In Monday 18 November's edition, we learnt to our great surprise that Sébastien Tillous-Borde could be leaving Toulon if Rory Kockott commits to RCT for next season. All this without mentioning it to us, checking or without the slightest bit of tangible proof. So if this is the way it is now, why don't they announce that Bernard Laporte is going to start playing again and that Ali Williams has decided to finish his career at scrum half.

Sébastien Tillous-Borde, the player the least contested for his position since his professional debut, has never shown an interest in leaving the club, the club which relies on him and with whom he has a contract until  2015.

If speculation about his future was meant to unsettle the player or the club - it's failed! If they wanted just to sell newspapers - then maybe they've succeeded. But the readers and RCT fans aren't fooled.

So we're looking forward to Friday's edition of the Midi Olympique, where perhaps they'll claim in black and white that Bakkies Botha is a vegetarian!  

Photo Credit: Kilian Fragu RCT

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