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Youth teams results

le 30/09/2013 à 15:32

Youth teams results

RCT's youth teams played on Sunday - the results were:

Defeat for the "Espoirs" at Toulouse 29-19. Now sitting at third in their pool.

A big victory for the "Reichel Juniors " at Aix 35-6 giving them second place with a match in hand.

A huge performance too for the "Crabos Juniors" with a 41-0 win at Aix. They're fourth in their pool.

The "Alamercery Cadets" also played against Aix but at the Léo Lagrange stadium in Toulon winning 37-3 - they are at the top of their pool.

The "Gaudermen Cadets" imposed themselves against Aix with a score of 33-3. They are also at the top of their pool.

All the results and the tables for the RCT youth teams can be found under the "Youth" tab on rctoulon.com.

Thanks to English Institute Toulon for the translation. Website : http://www.english-institute.fr/ 04 94 62 99 62

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