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Laurent Magnaval : "Learning and making the most of opportunities"

le 22/08/2013 à 12:23

Laurent Magnaval : "Learning and making the most of opportunities"

After a difficult season at Mont de Marsan, marked by relegation and a lack of match practice (10 matches, 6 starts), Laurent Magnaval has joined Racing Metro 92 to meet an unexpected challenge.

The 22 year-old scrum-half tells rctoulon.com about his arrival in Paris: " Things began well for me at Mont de Marsan, he explains. Then I injured my shoulder and struggled to get back into the team.   Given the difficulties I had personally and the problems the team had, I wasn't expecting to be approached by a club like Racing Metro. Contact was made long before the end of the season and that really boosted my confidence."

Aware that he will have to fight hard for his position against Maxime Machenaud and Sébastien Descons, the player originally from Seine-Saint-Denis is taking every advantage of the opportunity to play for Racing Metro. Due to Maxime Machenaud being injured, he'll make the trip to the Mayol on Friday. "I know that I'm the third choice as well as being the youngest of the three. My objectives are long term. I'm trying to learn and make the most of this opportunity to get to the same level as Maxime and Sébastien"

Laurent Magnaval is nonetheless very happy to be part of this Parisian team which recruited heavily during pre-season. " Like Toulon, there are lots of international players here, top class players and I learn something new from them every day. Life in Paris is good. Like most of the players I live in the South of the city and there's lots to do. There's no sea, but I can go to concerts, the theatre etc... I'm happy to be coming back to Toulon as always, and believe me when I say that here at Racing we are under no allusions that the season will be easy, just because of this summer's recruitment. We saw that last weekend against Brive. We have some big matches to come and this Friday will be huge!".

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