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Day at the GIPN for the Training Academy

le 14/08/2013 à 16:07

Day at the GIPN for the Training Academy

On the 16TH August, the RCT academy students spent a day at the Marseille GIPN (the Police's Special Response Unit) as part of their pre-season training.
 The morning's programme: Live firing at targets with three different kinds of ammunition and circuit training combining a strength test, running and precision shooting in full kit.
In the afternoon: A presentation on GIPN's work, boxing, judo and climbing.
 The objective was to push the young students to their physical and psychological limits, especially as in the morning they had no idea where they were going to spend the day.
 Thanks to GIPN for their hospitality and for the superb activities they put on for the students.
 Photos : DDSP 13 - communication, photograph Sébastien Pastor.
 Thanks also to Olivier Beaudon, the Sports Director of the Academy for telling us about the day.



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