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Geoffroy Messina : "I'm happy to be returning to the Mayol"

le 31/12/2013 à 11:20

Geoffroy Messina : "I'm happy to be returning to the Mayol"

At Toulon from 2010 to 2013, Geoffroy Messina joined Grenoble Rugby Club last summer to get more playing time than at RCT. In Isère the Centre has already played in 14 matches, 12 of which he was in the starting line up. He agreed to answer rctoulon.com's questions before the RCT v Grenoble match on Saturday...

Geoffroy, this trip the Mayol will inevitably be special for you ...
Yes! I spent three successful seasons at Toulon. I met great people both within the club and outside. Even if the last season was more difficult for me because I played very little, I'll be happy to return to the Mayol and happy just to be back in Toulon.

How are you approaching this away game as a team?
As an away game against the European Champions! We're inevitably going to be a bit nervous because RCT is a machine at home. We hope to be able hold them back as long as possible. It's a challenge for us to benchmark ourselves against a big engine like this. We've had a good start to the season but we're still between two stools; the European leaders are not far in front but the relegation zone is not far behind either. We're looking in both directions.

What do you put Grenoble's good results again this season down to?
There are not many big individuals in our team so it's the squad that counts. The team has a lot of soul, particularly at home at the Stade des Alpes where there's an incredible atmosphere. We are trying to be unbeatable at home and aiming to land some blows on away games. Our balance sheet is good, we have as many wins as the RCT (the same statistics, 8 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses, N, D, L, R) but it's the bonuses that make the difference. We have to learn to get more of them.

We assume that you're enjoying your experience at Grenoble...
I'm just playing rugby! I'm playing match after match and it feels good. I know my playing years are numbered and I want to play as much as possible.  That's what's happening and it's great. At a personal level I am happy here, I'm near my parents, my wife is not complaining too much because the weather has been fairly mild up to now (laughs) and we've got a second child on the way (Geoffroy is already a dad to Mylan, 3 next June)  Really - everything's going well!

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