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Sébastien Taofifénua, Bordeaux-Bègles prop

le 03/09/2014 à 11:50

Sébastien Taofifénua, Bordeaux-Bègles prop

The Bordeaux-Bègles prop will meet up with his brother, Romain, Toulon second row, on Saturday at the Mayol.

A couple of days away from this special match and one he already knows will be difficult, he offered his thoughts:

Sebastien, how do you see the match against Toulon?

We know it will be difficult. Toulon has started off this season at the same level as last year. It's going to be very hard. But after our showing at Grenoble (37-23 defeat with the offensive bonus for Grenoble) we have to rediscover our aggression and win. It will be important.

You will see your brother, Romain, who was your team mate before and is now your opponent. Are you going to tackle him harder? Do you have any special tips for playing against him?

(Laughs) No I have no special insider tips for playing against him but I know exactly how he plays and how he'll approach the match. For him it's a big deal to be playing against me. We have always played on the same side and it'll be funny to be up against him. We'll talk to each other on the phone before the match - we often talk.

Questions and replies courtesy of ubbrugby. See the whole video interview with Sébastien Taofifénua on the official Bordeaux-Bègles site HERE.

Translation by English Institute Toulon

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