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le 27/02/2014 à 17:14


Fabien, Oyonnax hasn't won an away game this season. What ambitions do you have for the game at the Mayol?
A lot of ambitions, looking at our position in the table (13th in the Top 14). But we have to be realistic too.  We've played away against the top teams a few times this season and the match at Toulon is one of those. However we've taken heart from getting two points from our last two away games (at Castres on February 8th 17-16, and at Stade Français 22nd February 29-26). So if there's an opportunity, we'll grab it.

Have you kept up with Toulon since you left?
Yes of course. I have some very happy memories of my time at Toulon.

So what do you think of Toulon's season?
I don't think Toulon have any great problems. You've just had three successive Top 14 wins and it's difficult to do that in this Championship. RCT is getting stronger. You have to remember that this Championship is a really high level and it's not easy to get a result, particularly in away games

How do you feel at Oyannax after your year at Lyon?
I left to go to Lyon to get more playing time and I wasn't disappointed, so then I took the opportunity to get back into the Top 14 with Oyonnax. Since being there I've been a bit inconsistent. I prepared well but didn't have a good start to the season. So I haven't been playing much. Augustin Figuerola is really good so it's natural that he should play. Apart from that, team life is good. I'm happy at the club. Being able to be with Joe El Abd, Thibault Lassalle or Florian Denos swayed me in the decision to commit to Oyonnax and I don't regret it. I wanted to play with these guys and have some fun and that's how it is.

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