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Dewald Senekal : « This match is very important »

le 20/02/2014 à 16:15

Dewald Senekal : « This match is very important »

Dewald Senekal spent two years at Toulon Rugby Club from 2009 to 2011. A club where, in his own words, he never really established himself. Now playing for Bayonne after a season at Agen, he's just extended his contract with the Basque club until June 2015.

A couple of days before the game against Toulon he responded to questions from rctoulon.com.

Dewald, what are your thoughts about the game against Toulon at Bayonne on Sunday?

For us it's a very important match in our fight against relegation. There are seven matches left to play, of which four are home games. It's vital that we win all our home matches. As we're playing on Sunday we've got an extra day of preparation. We've trained really hard, but now we're preparing mentally to play against one of the top teams.

After all these years is this still a special match for you?

Yes, because wherever I've played I've been successful except at Toulon. There were several reasons for this, but mainly due to injuries holding me back. It's a regret because I was settled in the club and in the area. But sometimes that's just how it is. So every time we play against Toulon I want to show what I'm capable of.

Bakkies Botha won't be there this time but we're sending Danie Rossouw, what do you think of that?

[Laughs] It's Toulon's strength. When one great player is missing another steps in. In addition you've got Carl Hayman, Ali Williams, Juanne Smith etc. I've got great respect for this team and its players. I'm extra motivated when I play against them.

The ex Toulon player now at Bayonne, Gabi Lovobalavu, will be absent and his season is now over because of a serious knee injury, that must be very disappointing.

Yes, everybody in the team is sad for him. Gabi is a good guy and a very good player. He hasn't been injury-free for the last few months. It's like that, we just have to get on without him. But we've got some good players who can step up.

You've extended your contract for an extra year with Bayonne, what was behind this decision?

I'm very happy at this club. Both at a personal and at a rugby level. I've got an important role I this team and I love that. It's a great area to live and I feel good. I'm delighted to have extended.

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