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Delon Armitage : "We like these Sort of challenges"

le 03/04/2014 à 11:29

Delon Armitage : "We like these Sort of challenges"

H Cup winner last season, scoring a try against Clermont in the final, the RCT back rower talked to rctoulon.com about the quarter final on Sunday against Leinster at the Mayol stadium (5.30pm).

Delon you know that the Mayol will be bursting at the seams on Sunday for the match ...

Yes and it's good! In all the time I've played rugby I've never known such an intense atmosphere as at the Mayol. The supporters are right there with us, encouraging us, putting pressure on the opposition....We're going to need them this weekend. It's going to be tough but we'll give everything we have for them against one of the biggest teams in Europe. But we like this type of challenge.

What do you think of the last match against Toulouse?

That we can't start like that on Sunday! Otherwise it'll be very very difficult. To beat the top teams you have to start well. You can't let them monopolise the ball otherwise you'll spend the afternoon defending.  

Leinster is one of the best teams in Europe...

Yes! They've won three H Cups, two of which were the two before ours. They're a great team. An H Cup quarter final is at the level of a quarter final of the World Cup. It's going to be very tough. In these matches 40 minutes goes at a ridiculous speed. So you have to be focused from the beginning to the end. Like the rest of the team, I'm really looking forward to it - it's for times like this that we play rugby.

Photo : Kilian Fragu, RCT.

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