Training center

On the arrival of each new recruit, an individual interview takes place to organise and plan a professional project in line with each new recruit’s choices and skills.

Once the project is established and defined, the recruit is registered in his chosen schoolar institution and the club agrees with the educational institution in order to conciliate between high level rugby training and sporting extra training.

A particular attention is then given to the sporting extra training with a regular monitoring, a remedial teaching course if need be and also an overall monitoring as soon as the recruit finishes his studies even if there are no professional contracts signed.

As of today’s date, The RCT Training Centre offers to its new recruits more than 10 degrees in scholarship (General and professional) as:

  • BEP/ BAC Pro Vente, Commerce, Electrotechnique…
  • Bac ES, S, STG, L, STI
  • BTS NRC, MUC….
  • STAPS,DUT Tech de Com, GEA, Génie Biologique…
  • Degrees for Tourism recognised by the working ministry and offering real working possibilities.
  • Different Training degrees in Partnership with the town of La Garde.

Besides that, new recruits benefit from a privileged living environement in individual flats in the town of Carqueiranne.