Training center

The RCT Rugby Club is preparing for the future and values the importance of young new recruits before they enter the Professionnal team.

« Our wish is to trust Youngsters and prepare them in the lost effective way in order to face the highest level’s requirements » tells Bernard Laporte, Manager of the Club.

The RCT training Centre, approved by the Ministry of Sports since 2002, is a must in training in the region of Var, it comes with two goals :

  • Give students who wish to access professional level a sporting training in accordance with their requirements of the highest level.
  • Prepare students to a long term life project, already ensuring their career change through a schooling (University and Professional) in adequation with their specific expectations.

The training Centre already welcomes 15 students and aspires to build a training project for all levels becoming a strong bridge between new recruits and professionals.

The RCT Training Centre has already been designated as the third most efficient of its category for the season 2014­2015 in France. This grade approves the reliable success acquired by old and new recruits who are numerous playing first team and national team. ( Vincent Martin,Pierrick Gunther,Levan Chilachava,Virgile Bruni,Xavier Chiocci…)