Becoming a partner

The Rugby Club of Toulon, at the top of the French and European rugby teams, has a strong brand identity on a national and international scale and holds a special place in the heart of Toulon’s inhabitants.


Becoming a Partner is not only about associating your company with a leading TOP 14 Rugby team; it is also about embracing our values. You may benefit from large media coverage of the most attractive championship of the world.


The Rugby Club of Toulon and its marketing department offer you a powerful tool to expand your brand visibility. Hereunder are the many options that may cater to your needs.


Internal communication, Incentives

Encourage and federate your collaborators embracing the values that are the very thread of Rugby (team spirit, solidarity, surpassing oneself, tenacity…)


External Communication

Take advantage of the communication mediums of the Club to enhance and increase the brand awareness of your company

Marketing Initiatives

Promote your brand and products directly to the RCT customers.


Be part of a large network of more than 500 local and national companies. Create new business opportunities in a sportive and friendly atmosphere.


Public Relations

Invite your clients and collaborators in a friendly environment: The Mayol Stadium embodies the world of Rugby and will help you create events that will satisfy your current and potential